Friday, September 03, 2004

Twinkies everywhere

OK, this is an emergency! Twinkies going bankrupt?! Does no one recall the scientific advances made during the great twinkie experiments (my favorite being the gravitational test)? For the love of snackfood, people, go buy yourselves some twinkies! It might be your last chance. I just had my first Hostess cupcake in probably 12 years. I'll try not to let the sugar buzz take over the keyboard, but I make no promises.

Perhaps due to this unexpected snackfood stress, a random woman caused Stephan to win this week's Weird Moment of the Week. He was waiting at the corner for me to catch up to him. Out of my sight from farther down the street, I overheard a woman growl at him, "Move!" Stephan looked this way and that, clearly not understanding why she growled at him and where exactly she expected him to go. He said something like, "Well, just go around me," in that tone I recognize as Stephan trying to de-escalate someone who is dangerously close to learning he has had some martial arts training. She again snapped at him, "Move!" At this point I had reached the corner and could see that this was not any of the following scenarios:

*A meth addict who with only one word left in her mental lexicon
*A mother trying to herd many small children in the same direction
* A jogger trying to coax her muscles to go just one more mile

Nope. She was a well outfitted bicyclist, walking her bike along the sidewalk, and just felt that she wanted to go straight and Stephan's presence would have meant she had to veer a whole two feet over. I bet she is a lot of fun for whoever has to deal with her on a daily basis. Great karma there, ya freakin' twinkie!

Speaking of karma points, I am hoping I racked up a few by helping find a hamster a new home. A week or so ago, I was browsing craigslist, and stumbled across an ad looking for a home for "one righteous hamster." The switchboard operator in my head said, "Ah hah!" and connected me with the fact that my friend M has a daughter H, who I heard was interested in adopting a small furry pet but was not sure what kind. Email was sent & no more was thought about it. Then a couple of days ago I got a call that the righteous hamster is now residing with H, who is thrilled and is, herself, righteous. I can't wait to meet this hamster. You know how sometimes there is that sense of being buffeted around life by the unseen hand of fate? Well, this time I am the unseen hand of fate. I know what I would cash those karma points in for, but I don't think we get to choose.

Ugh... sugar crash... must sleep now. More twinkie induced hallucinations tomorrow.


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