Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Location, location, location

Excerpted from today's news:

"Unbelievable... NEW YORK (Reuters) - A National Guard F-16 fighter plane mistakenly fired off 25 rounds of ammunition at the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School in South New Jersey on Wednesday night.

The pilot was meant to fire the rounds some 3 1/2 miles away at a military target range, Lt. Col. Roberta Niedt of the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs told reporters in the Jersey shore township's police headquarters...

An investigation is being conducted into how the pilot mistook the school, located on Frog Pond Road, for a target range. "

OK, just my opinion, but they may want to start this investigation by discussing *why* a military target range is only 3 and a half miles from a middle school? Case solved. Next!

In other news:

"(excerpt) HELSINKI (Reuters) - A police dog let out into an empty field to answer the call of nature ended up finding an underground drugs stash.

Alerted by their German shepherd, police in a Helsinki suburb late last week found two glass jars wrapped in plastic and containing over half a kg (1.1 pounds) of amphetamines.
"This finding shows that hiding drugs in nature has become common and anyone can stumble upon a cache," said Espoo police inspector Jukka Paasio."

To think, just a few hours earlier, Stephan & I were discussing trying our hand at geocaching. This is a potentially muddy, sloggy, and addictive hobby where you tromp out into the wilds and use a GPS to locate something someone else has left there, like a logbook to sign or a canister with a bottle of wine. You add something of yours (signature, a replacement bottle of wine, etc.) and go on to find the next one. Seems you never know what you might find!


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