Thursday, March 03, 2005

ET, rent my home!

Thank goodness someone has finally done something about all those billions of extraterrestrials who need a free couch. Finally I am a blogger with a breaking story! Tell them you heard it here first -- craigslist has gone intersteller:

WHAT: craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster won an eBay auction for the first private communication transmission light years into deep space, with the idea of offering this opportunity to craigslist users.

HOW: The friendly folks at Deep Space Communications Network (DSCN) will beam the postings trillions of miles into space using redundant klystron transmitters and a satellite dish.

HOW MUCH: The winning bid was $1225, but craigslist is negotiating with DSCN for extra capacity to accomodate the anticipated volume of craigslist postings to be transmitted - 10,000 ads were designated by users for transmission during the first 24 hours!

WHEN: The transmission is currently scheduled for May 15th, 2005, directly following the launch of the space shuttle Discovery.

WHERE: Cape Canaveral, FL

WHY: It seemed fitting for craigslist users to be the first to beam internet postings and classified ads into deep space.

But... wait a sec. Craigslist? In Space? This can't be real! But check the FAQ:

Q: Is this a hoax. A: No.

This is good news. I have had very high interest in my Queen Anne rental, but low commitment. So I have been showing it virtually every day, week after week. Now when I see an unusally bright light flicker in the sky, I will know that ETs are coming to rent my apartment. So what if they don't have a credit history? Neither do the college kids that want to cram two or three people in every bedroom. No social security number? No problem! I have rented to folks from outside the US before. Maybe not that far outside, but hey, I don't judge. If ET wants the place I'll consider it. Great sky views - they're going to love it.


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