Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's all about image

I lived for a year in a part of the country now known as "The O.C." The experience was mixed - awesome roommates, good beaches, the heavenly scent of orange groves in bloom. Some of my students were cool too, but most grew up locally and seemed terribly plastic to me. They went with the place though, where sprinklers watered the pavement every night and strip malls made of staples & balsa wood grew while we slept. Coming from four years of school in the snow belt of upstate NY, all I wanted was palm trees and beach. I got that, and more - a planned community that had not been completely built, where roads on the map did not necessarily exist and every corner had exactly five palm trees. Much about the place felt contrived and fake, and it was the only place I ever lived where I could not write.

All this is to say I live in my head, probably more than I should. What about the "exterior" me? Two requests for me to add a pic to my profile had me wondering... what picture do I have? Do I want a picture of me *out there*? What would a picture tell you that my writing wouldn't?

And so, a compromise. Here we are, as interpreted by South Park:

South Park Lilly Posted by Hello

South Park Stephan Posted by Hello
How good are you at judging appearances? Here are two fun quizzes to test your abilities (*note: not work safe!).
Post & let me know how you did!*
[*If you lived in "The O.C." apply a -3 handicap to your score due to all the real world practice you had spotting Eurotrash/American Gay Guys/Fake Boobs.]


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