Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's not always about Jesus on a fishstick

By now you have all heard about the British woman who sold her grilled cheese sandwich with the image of Mother Mary on eBay for $28,000. A casino bought it, which I'm thinking is perfect. People will want to come see the sandwich & stay to lose their paychecks.

But what about the rest of us non-gaming lactose intolerant, yet spiritual people? What inspirational food products are available for us?

Thanks to Buck Wolf at ABC News, we have a good starter list of religious food icons that have made recent appearances around the world.

You've got your miracle tortilla of New Mexico with an image of Jesus.

You've got your Jesus on a fishstick in Ontario, Canada.

You've got your NunBun, a famous likeness of Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun in Nashville, TN.

But it doesn't stop there. No, siree Bob.

Not to be left out, India chimes in with the Holy Eggplant, which has Allah spelled out in Urdu script in the seeds (not to be confused with the Eggplant of 1990, that spelled Allah in Arabic.). as well as a potato ship shaped like Ganesha.

Notice anything about these icons? Christian (mostly), some Muslim and Hindu. Nothing Jewish is appearing to anyone, apparently. It has long been my calling to accumulate many many cookies. Now I am stepping it up and I will eat cookies until I find a Star of David in chocolate chips. A Chai on a pop tart would be good too.


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