Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What's that, Max?

Among the many unknown talents of guinea pigs is the ability to predict the weather. When Max tunnels into the paper like a giant burrito, it reminds me of the weatherman in Buffalo, NY who quit because he just couldn't tell people watching the news from homes buried in snow to the chimneys that more snow was coming.

What's up, Max? Posted by Hello

What are you trying to tell me? Posted by Hello

Moments after this photo, the sky opened up and poured for hours. It was one of those storms where sometimes it is coming down in sheets in the front yard, and not raining at all in the backyard. My observant friend, Craig, pointed out that while we had rain, the sky over Lake Washington was sunny. Can you guess what we saw?

Rainbow050531 Posted by Hello

So that's what Max was trying to tell us!


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