Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sometimes a banana is just a banana

Oh sure, many of my ongoing life goals are no secret.

1. hug a koala bear and have him/her hug me back.
2. have a sign language conversation with a chimp at the primate center in Ellensburg.
3. kiss an alpaca on the nose (accomplished 2003 at Alpacapalooza!)
4. visit Idaho's Potato Museum ("Free Taters for Out-of-Staters")

Sure there is more, but you can see the direction my mind works. So how did I not know about this Seattle wonder?

If you follow the link, you can see many heretofore unknown banana wonders and historical artifacts plus there is a link to a web ring for Unusual Museums on the Internet. Ooohh baby! Everything from glass buttons to toilet paper. My favorite from that list has to be the Weird Fortune Cookie Collection. I grew up with a specific method for handling the vagaries of fortune cookie predictions, thanks to a mother who does not believe in blindly accepting whatever fate happens to throw your way. First, crack open the cookie. Then read the fortune and decide if you find it personally appealing. If you want the fortune to apply, eat the cookie; if you reject the fortune, you must reject the cookie. Fortunes may also be shared by sharing the cookie. Tonight's sweet & sour chicken combo plate #1 ended with the fortune:
"Your love life will be happy and harmonious."
Stephan got: "You are open and honest in your philosophy of love."
Wow! Two different love cookies. Double happiness! I'm definitely keeping these.


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