Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Time To Romp

What? I hear you say, More pictures?

Yes, more pictures. For weeks, every time I opened Hello to upload pics to blogger, it crashed. Not just plain, ordinary crash, either - it would log me out and restart, count down from 30 seconds and relaunch itself, then crash again and count down from 30 seconds, and on and on. I wrote to their support. *Nada.* Finally, I uninstalled and tried a fresh install. So far, so operational. This also means I have a backlog of pics to share.

I took this series in honor of my blog pal Pratt's *Blog of Pratt* Monday Bunday tradition of sharing pics of his very photogenic bunnies every Monday. This is Max, giving me his patented LOOK.

TheLook Posted by Hello

Usually The Look is reserved for when the Slave Monkeys are walking toward the kitchen, or out of the kitchen, or chewing on things that might be tasty. Here, Max was uncharacteristically giving The Look even while guarding a cardboard tube stuffed with tempting timothy hay. What could drive Max to give The Look instead of happily shredding the tube to itty bitty bits?

Pigrun1 Posted by Hello

Ah hah! Tigger was bogarting the food dish and the water bottle. Oh no, Max! What are you gonna do about that?

PigRun2 Posted by Hello

No problem, says Max. I'll just rumble strut my handsome self, purrrr purrrrrrrrr, bump Tigger on the butt, and scoot away. She will have to come running over and see what the fuss is about. And then the food dish wll be mine mine mine!

Good thinking, Max. Tigger can't resist a rousing round of Follow the Leader. Really, she loves any excuse to run, romp, or jump. She loves running laps so much, we think she may be a NASCAR fan.

Hope you enjoyed today's Romp Time!


At June 2, 2005 at 9:35 AM, Blogger Pratt said...

very cute pics..the bunnies say hi top the pigs.

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