Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Best of Blogs Awards!

This ain't yer granddaddy's blog awards.

The Best of Blogs (or "BoB") Award is a brand new award with a simple goal I absolutely love:
"celebrating community and exposing other bloggers to "the best blogs they ought to be reading."

This award is all about the little guy. You know, that blog you bookmarked and wander over to every so often because that guy just plain cracks you up. Or that sarcastic one. Or the one that burns up your screen (in a good way). Or that wonderfully open person you read because they have a knack for drawing you right into their life.

This is their award.

Go nominate the blogs you love to read. There are a bunch of categories (most humorous blog, best new blog, snarkiest blog, best knitting/craft blog, best fitness/weight loss blog, etc.), so don't be shy! There are even door prizes for the folks who send in nominations. What more could anyone ask?

Did I mention there will be a conga line of penguins at the awards ceremony?

**P.S. Don't go nominating me. I'm already drunk with power (and ineligible for the BoB Award) because I am a panelist.


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